Summer – Part 2

I was checking the weather this morning and I saw high 70s and low 80s and no rain for at least a week. I was trying to figure out what layers I would need tonight for the Mariners game. As it turns out I will be reducing layers as I leave work. 

We skipped the Mariners game yesterday in favor of Carl’s most recent Senior League team, the Silver Foxes. I learned the genesis of the name yesterday. One of the original Silver Foxes played professional baseball up to the AAA level. His first professional team was the Columbus Foxes. The addition of silver just reflected the addition of that color to their hair  (those who still had enough to discern color).

It was great fun to hang out on the sidelines again, and then there was the steak potluck afterwards. Mmmmmm. The fellow who hosted has a lovely condo on the Sammamish Slough. We were treated to kayakers, canoers, bicyclists on the far bank, eagles, an osprey and even a few hummingbirds. It was a lovely afternoon. 

I was so involved in the day that there are no pictures to share.

Wait, here’s one.

Felix Hernandez just passed Rube Waddell on the career strike out list. 

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