Day into Night 

Work, work, work in the morning. And it was good focused work. 

But all good things must come to an end. 

Rey wanted to Skype,  and his schedule meant that it was then or not for several days. And it was a great conversation with Rey and Becca. Good news. Great news. Fun news.

And then into the heat of a sunny day. Seattle in July. In the 80s. Heat and timing meant we chose the 2 mile walk to the light rail instead of the 6 mile full meal deal.

To Safeco Field. (Surprised?) Game 3 against the Yankees. Tied in the 10th, although we managed to get by Aaron Judge. [If you watched any of the All-star game it was all about Judge. 

He is a rather towering presence. 6′-8″.

I kept score for much of the game,  but have turned it over to Carl for the extras.

And the Mariners win in the bottom of the 10th on a walk off single. That single scored the long-haired, bearded Gamel, (and briefly a Yankee, who don’t allow long hair or beards),  For those keeping track, Judge struck out twice, flew out, walked. And there was that one home run.

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