A week and a bit

In the past week, Carl went to Tennessee, the eclipse happened, and we had fun with Carl’s kids.

After getting discharged from the hospital and sleeping a bit we took Carl to the airport. On the correct day, or rather correct really early morning. Unlike many of our early airport trips I did not continue on to work. I returned home. As best I can recall, this was my Thursday and Friday (a week ago).
Wednesday – 5:45 – Midnight – up and a relatively normal day.
Thursday – midnight to 6 AM – paramedics, ambulance and hospital
7:30 AM to 10 AM – work
noon to 4ish – sleep
4 to 9ish – up and a little work on line
9 to midnight – sleep
Friday – midnight to 2:30 AM – sleep continued
2:30 – 4:30 – airport run
4:30 – 7:30 – sleep
7:30 – up

Which brings us to Friday’s task of getting the car window fixed (see prior post). I had an appointment at 10:30. They called to move it up to 9:30 – YEAH. Drove over. After a short while in their waiting room they returned to tell me that our car was built in Japan.

OK – but this means the window attachment part is different by a few inches, and they need to have it delivered from their warehouse. And it won’t arrive until 1 PM, at which time I have a meeting at work, about 25 miles away. To keep the window work moving forward I walked about 5 blocks (down Aurora) to a bus stop, caught a bus close to home. From there I took the other car to work. Had said meeting, left work, and then repeated the former trip in reverse. I got back to the glass shop 15 minutes before they closed!

I have no recollection of the weekend, other than a dentist appointment, so I will move to Tennessee, where there were more interesting activities.

Carl’s view of the eclipse in Dayton, Tennessee – home of the Scopes trial and totality.
The first is our cell phone’s view. The second is before totality, but you can see a view of the percent coverage in a hole through the leaves on the left side of the picture.

20170821_14323920170821_135747_006 (2)

One park they went to was full of blue herons. I liked this picture because it has herons in four of the most common image stances; standing tall, s-curve neck, hunkered down and flying.


There were trips to restaurants, a Lookouts ball game, and add Sun Trust Stadium in Atlanta to the list of major league ball parks visited.

It was a quick trip and Carl was back in town for a fairly full week of work – including a Saturday segment where I got to join them.

I forget how tiring wandering around with small children can be.

And for the piece de resistance of this blog – an engaging photograph of Rey & Becca.

Rey+Becca Engaged

2 Responses to “A week and a bit”

  1. margiegf Says:

    Sounds very, very busy, and not always in positive ways, although most of it is lovely. The photo is beautiful!

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    I love the picture of Becca and Rey. I like that Carl was able to approximate the cardinals on hand logo with parakeets. –Pooh

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