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When Enough is Enough 

July 16, 2017

Parker and Nate’s team won both their Saturday and Sunday games after losing Friday.  But it was not quite enough to get to the 4th game this evening, or a potential 5th game on Sunday. 

But it was enough. Nice weather. Time with friends and meeting some new folks too. As they all departed south to Oregon, we headed over the lake and back to Seattle. 

A beer and nuts (food and otherwise) on the back deck made a fitting end to the social weekend. 
On a completely different note, the film noir this morning was Gun Crazy. It was really good. Had us speculating until the end when the femme fatale was going to meet her end. In the discussion after the movie they noted that even the film producers weren’t sure how to end the film, toying with at least four different endings. [Neither Carl or I came up with the chosen ending. ]


July 16, 2017

When it rains it pours. But not today. Except that we had more activities in one day than we often have in a week. 

First up was the 3 mile Refuse to Abuse walk at Safeco Field. Except we did not attend. Carl’s heel has been quite sore this week,  so we decided to spend some time hanging out with our weekend guests instead.

That is until we left them to watch Carl’s baseball team from last year in a game at the UW. Another old player (80-some years old) that has moved to AZ was also in attendance,  so there was a lot to talk about in addition to watching the game. 

From there it was on to our guest’s soccer tournament. Their team is a U16 team from Eugene, Oregon. Their first game was on Friday. Unfortunately, several players were delayed by traffic on the trip north, and had to jump out of their cars and start playing with no warm up. The coach arrived around half time. The other team scored 5 goals before they were able to come back with 2. The Saturday game was much better, a 3-0 win, and a more cohesive looking team. Their game today will decide whether they play any additional games. Also whether we get any more house guests beyond the two players  (and one dad, Dan). Apparently some of the parents have to be back to work in Eugene on Monday. 

Parker, our friend Dan’s son, is number 9 in the black uniform. 

The evening found another spectator event at a Gilbert and Sullivan show,  H.M.S. Pinafore. It was quite good. The Lord Admiral was especially funny. There’s a song between the Captain,  Lord Admiral and Josephine where the Captain and Admiral got into a bit of a one-ups-manship with the Captain first ringing a small bell, the Admiral then going to his triangle, the Captain winning a struggle to ring the ship’s bell, and the Admiral coming back with cymbals. No justice done by my explanation, but it was funny.