When Enough is Enough 

Parker and Nate’s team won both their Saturday and Sunday games after losing Friday.  But it was not quite enough to get to the 4th game this evening, or a potential 5th game on Sunday. 

But it was enough. Nice weather. Time with friends and meeting some new folks too. As they all departed south to Oregon, we headed over the lake and back to Seattle. 

A beer and nuts (food and otherwise) on the back deck made a fitting end to the social weekend. 
On a completely different note, the film noir this morning was Gun Crazy. It was really good. Had us speculating until the end when the femme fatale was going to meet her end. In the discussion after the movie they noted that even the film producers weren’t sure how to end the film, toying with at least four different endings. [Neither Carl or I came up with the chosen ending. ]

One Response to “When Enough is Enough ”

  1. margiegf Says:

    I find myself, as I get older, less and less able to function if I am faced with too many social occasions. I need some solitude, beer and good reading. 🙂

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