Dear Deer 

Definitely my theme at work recently. 

I was working later than most yesterday, and thought I was the lone survivor. I was also deep into reviewing 669 lots, and wondering how far I could get before I decided to go home.

Then a voice saying,  “I’m leaving,” brought me back to the surface. Apparently Mac had been somewhere about the building,  doing whatever Macs do. I suggested he make more noise when approaching me. He said he tried, but the jingling of keys had not been enough to break through my concentration. 

Now surely alone, I settled back into the 669. 

Until I heard a thump that sounded outside. I stood up and leaned forward to look out the window. Only to be thoroughly startled by a deer leaping in front of my window. 

He had been between the salal bushes and the building and decided to leap to a more open space. 

And then the second buck arrived, a bit more sedately.

And after finishing about 15% of the 669 before I went home, the remainder before noon today.

One Response to “Dear Deer ”

  1. margiegf Says:

    I know that deer are a nuisance (especially to gardeners) but I still love them!

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