Back in the Passenger Seat 

Happy 4th of July. Happy Anniversary. And Happy getting to face another day. 

We went to the Mariners game. But that’s not unusual. 

Wayne Drop did have a Fourth of July engagement, but it was before he got the hat.

For our anniversary we skipped the baseball game and went out to dinner instead. We got a window seat at Ivar’s Salmon House and were entertained by boats coming and going. And the food was so good. 

This weekend looks to be busy. We have a double-header on Saturday with both a Sounders and Mariner game. Our first Sounders game this year.

And trying to keep up with the raspberries and not letting our fledgling plants dry out.  I think we have done more yard care this year than the last several combined. 

Carl even made a heart shape out of the blackberry vines he trimmed after they came over, under and through our neighbors fence.

One Response to “Back in the Passenger Seat ”

  1. margiegf Says:

    Happy Anniversary! I am loving fish so much these days. I can’t wait to get up to Alaska and eat some red salmon. We have such great seafood here. 🙂

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