History day

Of course the most important history of yesterday was the birthday of Mariner Nelson Cruz and Carl Harms.  And Cletus Elwood (Boots) Poffenberger. And 150 years of Canada.

It was also the day of this year’s Backyard Baseball Film Festival. It was well attended for this gathering  (24), with many arriving early enough to grill a dog or burger. 

The venue.

In addition to the baseball education films and baseball news items from the 1930s to the 1950s, there was a silent home movie from 1928 of an extended family gathering,  including a ball game. It was interesting to see period clothing that was obviously authentic. The funniest was a 1927 film called College,  featuring Buster Keaton as a freshman playing on the baseball team, who doesn’t really understand the game. Hilarious. 

This screen shot is from Magic Moments in Baseball I think.

And, of course,  desert.

Earlier in the day Carl and I walked to Mohai for a presentation called, “A Bite Sized History of the Pike Place Market.” Very informative and tasty as they provided samples from some of the current vendors. 

Today we went out to breakfast with Dennis, film archivist, and Anne, Oregon film historian. It was nice to just spend some time hanging out. After they departed for points south we spent some time cleaning tarps. They have been shoved in the garage for a few months now, and today’s sun provided an opportunity to rinse and dry before folding. (And then back to the garage.)

And finally, the fushia is blooming. 

2 Responses to “History day”

  1. margiegf Says:

    I love the idea of this, but was it hard to find all the films? My parents fuchsias are blooming too which means…HUMMINGBIRDS. Love seeing them!

    • raincharm Says:

      I haven’t seen hummingbirds at the fushia yet, but it’s the first year we’ve had them.
      As for the films, Dennis looks for candidates all year, and has some in his collection.

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