A Good Idea

This was April 16th, early in the Mariner season. Paxton, the Mariner pitcher, is Canadian. Instead of “Ks” for his strikeouts, we chanted “Eh, Eh, Eh, Eh.” And hung an Eh sign in a maple leaf on the railing for each strikeout. 

Paxton pitching again at today’s game. We were back with our Ehs. 

And the Mariners must’ve liked the idea, and incorporated it into their scoreboard. 

Counting his Ehs in the upper right. 

By the way,  the Mariners won after the Tiger’s Verlander pitched 5 innings of perfect baseball. Paxton had 8 strikeouts, but Verlander had 11. A bunt single started the rally, and the door opened. A fun game, especially after having my head firmly implanted in databases all day. I do enjoy the analysis,  but after several hours my neck is soar and my head is spinning.  

One Response to “A Good Idea”

  1. margiegf Says:

    That’s a great idea–very clever! Still want to go to a Mariners game some time this summer. 🙂

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