At the ball parks

We’re in the midst of our double header.

It started with a walk to Capital Hill, around 3.6 miles, and a quick light rail ride downtown. Our first venture into the Capital Hill station. 

The Sounders played Eintracht Frankfurt in a friendly. It’s the first game for us this year. I enjoyed the game,  partly because it was not quite as intense as regular games.  

Then it was over to Safeco for the baseball half. It was Season Ticket Holder day, with early entrance. We were on the early end, simply based on the soccer game timing, but not the first.

That’s Carl in the Waits jersey. I am hanging out in the shade.

And the Mariners decided to not take batting practice. So the Mariners tried to pull something together for their early arriving STHers. A picture hitting?

I wish I had one of Carl,  but the person that had my phone didn’t realize we were together.

Carl did get a brief moment with Frances. She’s always been nice to Carl. (Used to be his ticket person,  but has moved up the ladder.)

About time for the game. 

And the concluding act of our day out and about.

2 Responses to “At the ball parks”

  1. jane Says:

    They didn’t know you and Carl were together, because surely any friend of Carl’s would know which direction to face at home plate. 😆

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