Off we go

A few days ago we left sea level for something around mile high. We spent yesterday reconnecting with Rey and Bob. Always good to hear what everybody’s up to. Pictures at some future point,  when I have taken some worth sharing. 

Carl and Rey let me sleep in a bit this morning while they went about borrowing a car and finding out what Steve, Carl’s brother, is not doing. Running a business and caring for family seems to be more than a full time gig. 

The weather is so-so. Not too cold, with rain here and there. And of course it is nice in Seattle while we are gone. We could be missing summer. 

I only hope it’s reasonable on Monday,  our day in Denver. I don’t mind the rain,  but no rain would keep things a bit more predictable. 

Okay,  here’s one picture I took yesterday. 

Two, because he’s a sweetie. 

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