My Hero 

This morning Carl and Rey got up early to meet with Steve and get a car. They succeeded and we now have wheels, but did not put them to use.

Lunch with Bob, and then the boys played some soccer,  Eric volleyball -basketball on the hotel sport court. Then back to hang out with Bob. 

The pre-dinner entertainment was a three-piece band. Jazz and some favorites,  including a polka. Enjoyable and a prelude to very tasty prime rib. As we were getting up to leave it became apparent that a woman at the adjacent table was in distress. One of the workers stepped in and tried to do the Heimlich maneuver. After 3 tries she said she needed somebody stronger. I actually started to move but looked at Carl,  obviously the strongest amoung us. He stepped in and three yanks later the offending prime rib bit was on the plate. 

Rey said she was turning purple. All I did was move a cup of coffee out of the way. I am very proud,  and glad Carl  was able to step in.

Here are the three generations.

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