More Family 

More days with Bob and others. This time with Ashlan. She made it to the fun Fort about 2:30 am. This was a good result because she made the last shuttle of the “day” from the Denver airport,  despite slow deplaning, non-walking escalator riders, and long-distance tram riding. 

Sibling rivalry 

Breakfast with Steve was a hit. Baked pancakes,  hmmmm.

More families 

Having spent almost 48 hours at altitude, Ashlan left at midnight. 

This morning the remaining three headed to the big city to watch the gazillion dollar soccer game. It determines the last team that gets to move up to the Premiere League,  which includes a significant income boost for the team. 

We found a congenial bunch at the Three Lions bar about 8 am. Coffee, a little bar food and even a beer eventually. (Huddersfield Town was the winner.)

From there we made our way to Coors Field. We basked in the sun, got rained on and are now baking again. Top of the 9th, and I am not at all sure the Mariners will be able to maintain their one run lead.

Paratroopers to start the game. 

Met with a friend from the 5 years in Colorado. 

Tribute to a longtime Mariner worker.

Our view.

And the Mariners… WIN

Back to the fun Fort. 

2 Responses to “More Family ”

  1. margiegf Says:

    Wow, a win? Love the photos, and the Fussball competition. I used to be quite good at that. 🙂

  2. raincharm Says:

    For a brief period my roommates and I had a bar-grade foosball table in our apartment. April was so much better she would play Susie and I together.

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