Baseball and Birds

The weekend was actually full of baseball and other bits thrown in around the games. And it was HOT. 

On Saturday we walked down to the Mariner game by way of the University Street Fair.  We noted some items of interest,  but did not buy, not even an elephant ear. The walk felt good, especially since the morning had been spent weeding in stooped positions. 

The Mariner game itself was full of ups and downs. The ups included our friend Kevin getting to warm up Jay Buhner before he threw out the first pitch of the game. 

Carl also met with Burke, an honoree in the 4th inning for his military service. He is the definition of spry, running off the field three days before his 93rd birthday.

The game,  however, was a stinker, and we left early.  I think the final score was 16-1.

Sunday dawned with more weeding. Instead of the 6 mile walk to the stadium, we satisfied the need to move with a shorter jaunt back to the street fair. We picked up a hummingbird for the backyard 

A new hat for Carl, and this caricature.

Then home for a short stint where I picked up some Indian food and Carl mowed the front lawn. And off to the game.

We had decided to head to the top deck patio to eat lunch before the game. On the stairs we ran into Ryan Rowland-Smith, an ex-player and sometimes broadcaster. He acknowledged Carl and said he had noticed he was not there as early as usual. I wonder how much attention they pay to the regulars. 

Finally making it to the top, we found a table to share while we ate our food, and met a few very nice like minded fellow baseball fans. Finally got to our sunny seats for the game, which we lost.

No game today, but Carl still fit in some baseball by going to a bookstore for a book signing with Lou Pinella.

And just to round this out, another bird.I think from a Starbucks on our Saturday walk.

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