The Tree

This post is sponsored by Jane. 

Just before my Michigan visit in March a big storm had blown through town, complete with trees down and power outages. Jane pointed out a tree at the parents house that was still upright but the split trunk appeared to be more split than before the storm. Much discussion ensued, with Jane and I leaning toward removing the leaning tree. Dad was of the opinion that the tree would continue to remain standing, and if it didn’t, was more likely to aim at the neighbors house.

Turns out everybody was right, more or less. 

Another high wind event blew through town, and one of the trunks descended all the way down, to the neighbors garage.

Dad was still not convinced that the remaining trunk needed to come down. I was trying to conspire with Jane to force the issue. In the end the tree guys called by the neighbors took down the remaining trunk in addition to cleaning up it’s sibling. 

He may have lost a tree, a Pig Nut Hickory,  but he gained several hours of entertainment. 

Shoe provided for scale. Size 7 I’m guessing. 

And in other news, it’s sunny today and we are enjoying some morning time on the back deck. 

This morning brought to you by working until 9 last night to finish off 6 preapps. 

Also on today’s docket, a little yard work and walking to the Mariner’s game via the University Street Fair. 

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