88 is Great 

A day of celebration today. 

A leg of lamb, nice chocolate and mincemeat pie highlighted the culinary delights. (And the yellow pepper soup leftovers.) I recall fitting 50 candles on a cake several years ago, but nobody tried for 88 candles on the pie. We had to make do with a fire in the fireplace. 

It was a beautiful day, but a bit chilly by Seattle standards. A nice day for spending time with family. And reading. And just a wee bit of work.

Now that I am thinking about it, I wonder if Mom would have liked a piano themed cake decorated with the 88 keys. It would be a challenge. 


2 Responses to “88 is Great ”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Looks like Horsey is asleep. Must be 8:00. 😉

    • raincharm Says:

      I think he was actually reading when I took the picture, but there are naps here and there by all of us.

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