Lines and Gates 

It is 7:03 am. Not too early by my standards but it has been different than normal. 

I drove to the airport instead of work. “Don’t get on to 520!,” Carl said. 520 is one of two bridges that head east instead of south. The difference with this trip is that I am the one flying. Alone. Not unheard-of, but it has been a while. 

It is an hour until take off, and I have stood in lines for baggage check, security, water, and coffee. One person exclaimed at the length of the Starbucks line. What did they expect? It’s morning in Seattle. 

Three gates so far. I had not checked before security, so I asked a desk person, who told me N4. Settled in at N4, when I got an email from Alaska directing me to N7. And then the overhead voice directing me to N6.

None of this was bad. Steps from each other. When Carl went to Phoenix recently they had to change concourses. 

And it is raining, again. I am not sure what to expect from the weather in A2. It is spring, so wait 5 minutes. My weather checks have shown an expected range from 18 to 60 degrees. I wore my boots. 

I originally bought these for our trip to the winter Olympics. Never put them on because the temperature approached 70 degrees. 

Time to board. 

2 Responses to “Lines and Gates ”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    I should’ve fessed up that when I took that loverly snow pic last weekend, I was wearing my regular keen sandals over socks and tights (with yaktrax attached). Cold but dry tomorrow, then warm and wet. No boots needed 🤖

  2. margiegf Says:

    I just flew out of SeaTac Friday. Lines were good, but it was noon. 🙂

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