First Words

“Trump is such a damned asshole.”

I believe those were the first words my mother said to me this morning. And I really did not have a comeback. 

We ended the day on a more positive note with some fennel enhanced Creme Brule. This was after the gnocchi, fennel salad, pork something appetizer and a very nice bottle of white wine from the Rhone Valley. 

The dinner was the second celebrating Mom’s birthday, and I am fine with that. I did not take a picture of the dinner repast, so you will have to make do with lunch. 

That’s fresh cut pineapple in the green bowl. 

It was another sunny cold day, so I took a walk around the block. I did not take a picture of the Traverse City fire hydrant, even though we don’t have that variety where I work. I did catch these mini-irises blooming along the path. 

And the indoor tulips that are just opening. 

It is forecast to be warmer tomorrow. Perhaps I will take a longer walk. 

One Response to “First Words”

  1. margiegf Says:

    Your mom is absolutely correct. I love your photos of flowers!

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