Friday After 

Black Friday. We slept in until about 8 AM , so no fighting crowds for the door busting sales. Instead some of the morning was spent boosting our emergency rations. 

After the requisite turkey sandwich we set out for a walk in the SUNSHINE. That’s right. We walked in the sunshine.

To the mall. On black Friday. We had one purchase on our list, and after a successful search and buy, turned and headed home. One more stop at 10,000 Villages- a store I try to support every year. It’s local to our house, found across the country and has goods from around the world. We picked up a little bauble that would not fit in a bag and had to muscle it the last 9 blocks.

The walk, probably 6+ miles and no rain. 

Can you tell we are excited about a dry day? I have not even looked at the weather for the next few days.

Ashlan spent at least part of her day absorbing culture at the Metropolitan. She found this in honor of her father.

Who knew the Met had a sports section.

One Response to “Friday After ”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    I saw this exhibit too. It was hard to find. I had to ask for directions to it twice. I found its tone to be rather NYC-centric. Dawh! Although there were more than a few Cards referenced.

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