What’s Worse – too wet or too dry? with Rey’s picture 

You may have noticed a theme lately – mentioning the rain.
It has been fairly relentless, although I only barely used the windshield wipers during both commutes today. And fit in a walk at lunch with only spitting rain.

Rey, on the other hand, has not had much rain lately in Tennessee.
And there are wildfires all over the area from Georgia, North Carolina and eastern Tennessee. He called this evening to say that he had been evacuated from his normal work site at the Twin Creeks Natural Resource Center (in Smoky Mountain National Park). By the end of the day the wildfire was within 150 yards of the picnic area associated with the office. He did work at one or two other sites for the rest of his day.

From the parking lot as he was leaving his place of work.

Then he got home and after doing some laundry was evacuated from his apartment. Note that his apartment is in Pigeon Forge, about 15 miles from his work site. He has decamped to a friends apartment in Knoxville. We are hoping for the best. This map shows a possible route from Twin Creeks to Rey’s place, which is a bit south of Dollywood, which has also been evacuated. (Gatlinburg is under the part showing the travel time.)


On another topic completely, the Seattle Sounders have made it to the MLS finals!
We do know the final game should be on December 10th.
We don’t know whether it will be played in Seattle against Montreal or against Toronto in Toronto. Montreal currently has the edge, so we may have one more game to get drenched. (Not complaining!)


4 Responses to “What’s Worse – too wet or too dry? with Rey’s picture ”

  1. Anne Regenstreif Says:

    I was wondering about Rey when they showed the fires on the 10:00 news. I figured it was too late to text him. –Anne

  2. jane Says:

    now that we know Rey is safely away from the immediate fire I can quote an important Monty Python movie…. RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY! 😉

  3. Rey Says:

    I am fine. Got some stuff out and it sounds like my apartment has survived so far, but my landlord hasn’t yet been allowed in to check. I do live in an area still under mandatory evacuation.

  4. margiegf Says:

    More rain is definitely better, although depressing at times. I have all sorts of rain gear and umbrellas, so it never worries me.

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