In which new traditions are tried.

1. The much anticipated pick up of a fully prepared thanksgiving feast. This involves a holiday themed waiting on line. These are traditional for us around Christmas, including the Larson Brothers Bakery and Honey Baked Ham stores. Whole Foods was new for us.

When we arrived home we found the fully cooked turkey to still be frozen. A 30 minute COLD water bath seemed to solve that problem, and now we are wondering whether we conquered the thawing too early.

2. Detroit Lions football, on TV, and they were winning.

3. Thanksgiving power outage. A new tradition for us, although not uncommon for the area. But power outages at our house are just plain uncommon, so it caught us off guard.

Plan A is to drink the coffee before it gets cold and keep the refrigerator closed. The 2 hour projection to power is probably survivable for the food.

Plan B is to try to use the gas stove and cook away. Easy to light the burners, but not sure about the oven with no controls working.

Plan C is to call friends outside the outage area, hope they are home and have room in their oven or refrigerator.

Plan  D is to go to work where there is a refrigerator  (actually 3) and a stove, and a generator.

Plan E would include trying to get our old rarely used charcoal grill into operation in the rain. 

I am hopeful for Plan A as we appear to be the only outage in town.

5 Responses to “Thanksgiving ”

  1. Jay Says:

    Update: The power outage lasted about 3 hours. They initially got about half of the area back in service, stopping one block north of our house, but we followed a bit later.
    Dinner was put into the oven, and after the estimated 1 hour to warm the pre-cooked turkey I found there was still ice in between the leg and body – so back in the oven for another hour. I guess our thawing effort had not been complete.

    We finished our meal in stages, as I had warmed all other components to be ready at the same time the iced turkey was not ready. And now dessert has been completed, the compost has been taken out into the still pouring rain, and we are ready for our post-meal naps. Or perhaps just plain bed-time.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Gas grill! We *always* cook our turkey on it.

  3. margiegf Says:

    Weird to have a power outage, although many people are cooking on that day, so who knows? We had a some crazy stormy weather this morning, but it was calm on Thanksgiving itself. I don’t like to have that many contingency plans.

    • raincharm Says:

      I think they finally found an underground cable problem. Maybe age or maybe all of the work they have been doing in the neighborhood for the light rail expansion and bike lane additions.

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