Rain City Nights 

This was our bathroom 5 minutes after we got home from last night’s Sounders game. Scarves, hats, socks, jackets, ponchos, pants, shirts  and shoes.

The weather report was for intermittent rain . It was not intermittent. It was consistent heavy rain through the entire game. The Sounders won, 2-1 over the Colorado Rapides, but the game is only half over. The second half will be played in Denver on Sunday. 

The start of the game was delayed about 30 minutes so the other semifinal game, Montreal vs Toronto, could be completed. Turns out they were delayed because the Montreal field folks painted the field lines the wrong width, and they had to wait for the corrected lines to dry.

Today was relatively quiet. Work as usual. Traffic was very light, and nice benefit for being one of the workers on the last  travel/errands/cooking day before Thanksgiving. We let most folks leave an hour early, so that is when the phone calls and counter visits picked up for Angel and I. including a man who informed me that our  “Doors were locked.” I left the counter visitor to check the doors, which were both unlocked, and finally located him outside of our old entrance gate to the parking lot. the new entrance gate was open, but I unlocked the gate and let him in. (Paying his water bill and setting up auto-pay.) The mundane bits of life.

Speaking of mundane, I am drifting off to sleep as I type  …….

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