I think Winter has arrived

No – no snow here in the lowlands. But it has been raining rather consistently for more than a month. And it will continue for the near future without a break in sight.

Traditions are interesting because of the way they arrive, stay, change, and leave based on so many different factors. For us Thanksgiving had developed a rhythm. Then the kids left for school. Rey came home the first year he was gone, but the transportation requirements (plane fare or driving over 3 mountain passes) made us rethink this option. [There was the year we went to Montana and had T-day there.] Ashlan’s departure brought an international impact to our decisions. Canada’s T-day is in October. Since she had a long weekend, we started celebrating on Canada’s calendar. While it is harder to find certain Thanksgiving foods in the stores, it is much easier to invite friends to join as they don’t have an October T-day tradition. The unintended consequence of the October celebration was that we did not always feel like repeating the large dinner a month later. So we started making turkey sandwiches and heading out for a long walk on the fourth Thursday in November. Some really good walks. [The biggest drawback was the difficulty in finding an open coffee shop in the afternoon.]

This year we are hoping to both eat a turkey dinner and take a long walk.
To that end Carl bought new walking shoes, and we ordered a prepared dinner – much less time spend in preparation, so more time available for heading outside. And yes, it is expected to rain – at least part of the day.

Last weekend we ventured out into the rain, and to ESPN’s GAME DAY at the University of Washington. It was damp, and at times downright wet. Some photos from that day.


2 Responses to “I think Winter has arrived”

  1. margiegf Says:

    I like that Canadian Thanksgiving is not so close to Xmas. It just seems like there are too many holidays close together. Stressful and time consuming. I like how you’ve modified the celebrations to fit your style! 🙂

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    I caught a few minutes of the UW game. If I’d have known you were there, I might have watched longer. I’m glad you posted a new post, the first line of the last post was depressing to see every morning. (Not seeing it doesn’t change reality, but makes my morning not as sad.) –Pooh

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