The Day After

So after staying up way to late crying in disbelief, and mourning the potential loss of so many gains over the past few decades, I went to bed.

And got up and went to work, because if you just check out – they win.
And I had a meeting.

In the end I was glad to have the normalcy of the workplace in my face.

In the evening we had a plan to go out to dinner with a friend in town on a work trip. Which we did.

Man is it hard to find parking in Belltown.
It did not help that as we circled the blocks looking for parking my stomach was growling, the one-way streets were making the circles larger, and I was getting slightly off where I was with respect to the target restaurant. And the incessant hum of a helicopter not too far overhead. [Finally our friend said, “Pick a parking lot, I’ll pay.”]

As we were finishing dinner a text came in from the east coast.
“I just heard about the shootings in downtown Seattle. Hope you guys are safe over there.”

!!?! At least three phones were consulted to try and figure out this news.

Obviously we were safe, and had assumed the helicopter was associated with the anti-Trump rally. The shooting was on the same block where we parked, but about 4 blocks south. 5 people hurt, 1 critical. Hmmmm, I wonder how much traction gun initiatives will get with the President elect …

But we had dodged the bullet.

And we also managed to dodge the anti-Trump march that wended its way around town, up to our neck of the woods, in and out of our potential routes.

Our ignorance of local events made the evening more blissful. I wish I were happier.

I guess we used up our happiness quotient for the year on the Cubs.

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