Catch-up big time

We are into the baseball playoffs.
Carls 55+ baseball team won their playoffs.


Mariners did not quite make it. Again. Again. Again.
But the Cubs are in and won their first game. And this also means a bit more “free” time at home.

Carl was quite the star here and there through both the Silver Foxes and Mariner season. Here he is, perhaps questioning a call.


On the Silver Foxes he pitches and plays the occasional third base. For the Mariners he plays right center Section 106. He caught 3 home runs total in Safeco Field this year. The August 9th Kyle Seager 8th inning, game tying 3-run home run earned him the most notoriety. Friends from across the country reported seeing him on the news. And just recently we have been made aware of some other internet reports.

CFox –  Old Timer in Leopard Print Fez cap is the real star of the Mariners comeback win.

Click on the link to see the report – or for those that don’t click – here is a reproduction.


And another link from The Big Inning blog. Game 74//Fifteenth Inning Seattle//The Seager Game. (No reproduction here)

And at the final game of the year, with the hope of the playoffs a distant memory from the  night before, he got one last mention from the announcers. October Mariner Baseball I hope the audio comes through – you may have to listen carefully.

Not that it is all about home runs. Carl brought a bunch of baseballs to the last game of the year and handed them out to kids.


The last weekend’s games were basically fun. A co-worker gave me a shoe box of old cards he had in his attic. They definitely smelled like attic, but provided about 3 innings worth of entertainment. The cards were from 1970 to 1980, with a smattering of football and basketball in addition to baseball.


Lots of folks stopped by to chat, especially on the very last day – when hope was gone.


And speaking of friends at games – Ashlan and Allen showed up for two games!


We also got to take a ferry ride with them – just to get out on Puget Sound. We were trying to show Allen some local sights, and Mt. Rainier hid the entire time he was here.

What a good looking couple!

Bringing us back to the present – we spent today out on the town.
A bus, train, SAM, train, St. Demetrios, and a walk.


St. Demetrios was all about the food – and some greek dancers. SAM was all about Yves Saint Laurent. The dress, more dresses, hats (even a fez or two) and lots of sketches of his developing work. They had quite a bit of information about how his career developed. Very interesting.

I think the one on the right is in Pooh’s colors.

This is from another walk – lunchtime at work – but with a bit of wildlife. (bad phone camera from a distance)


Enough for now – we picked up some chicken nan from the corner Indian restaurant on the way home. Games on the tube and a restful evening at home ahead.

Go Cubs Go!

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  1. Anne Regenstreif Says:

    Nice post, Nice pics, and the best fan in Safeco Field, ‘the old guy with the fez”!

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