storms 1-3

Or is it 1-4.

Whatever, it’s been raining steadily all day and the winds are in the offing. A cyclone appears to be behind the severity.

So I am going to tempt the gods and bake a cake. A pumpkin caramel poke cake to be more exact. It is a friend’s birthday, and he has a sweet tooth. (Happy birthday to Dave too, probably close to half the age of said friend.)

This particular recipe comes by way of my carpooler. At least his suggestion.

Carl is treating him to a batting cage session tonight. Hopefully the lights will stay on and a good time will be had by all.

A little fall color creeping in.

More colors.

Last night was pretty dry. We started the evening at Uwajimaya, shopping for dinner to eat at the stadium. Some sushi, inari, pork slices and mochi.  We watched the majority of a Sounders game and headed home.

It was interesting to be out without the crowds in an area that has a rather high homeless population. Nothing bad, just some folks relocating a mattress using a hand truck. Homelessness is a real issue in Seattle, even with record employment. No real cohesive plan in place, but a desire to change the situation. I am not in favor of the current plan under consideration, that would open up many, many public spaces to camping. The problem is with the non-directed locations it would be very difficult to effectively provide support services. I agree with distributing the available locations, but choosing ones that can be supported.

Okay, enough with the social issues.

Back to baseball.
Outside of cage work – our games are done for quite a while.
So watching the Nationals/Dodgers on the tube.
Game 5 – win or go/stay home.

It is Dave’s birthday, and I know that he rooted for the Nationals at least for a time.

So Go Nationals! (for today)

One Response to “storms 1-3”

  1. margiegf Says:

    That cake sounds delicious! I’m hoping this huge windstorm is a bust. I hate the wind!

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