Good Deeds

Just a brief post.

My good deed for the day was unloading the dishwasher at work – at the end of the day (after hours). I was going to load all of the dirty dishes in the sink, and then I realized why they were there. Unloaded and then loaded them all.

Got home and Carl was finished with his good deed of the day. First he briefly housed a neighbor boy after he and his father had discovered there was an uninvited person in their house. As the person left, the father started to follow him on foot – until Carl offered to follow him in our car. Another neighbor took the son into their home. Carl followed him down our block and started down another set. He saw a police car in his rear view mirror, but it turned down our street. However, in another block there were about 4 cop cars waiting. Carl pointed at the guy, and then returned home. They have his information if they need any statements or witnessing. [The person is probably homeless, and may have been looking for a shower.]

In other brief news, the backyard project is coming right along.


And Carl makes yet another appearance. (This was a Ranger’s home run. I actually had my mitt up, and then got to look at this rude Ranger’s butt while he tried to convince a seat host that he deserved the ball from the trough in front of our seats. He did not get it. I decamped to seats far away from him (sort of rude). And the Mariners prevailed and won the game in the end. Note the outfielder’s mitt on top of the wall.


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