Bugs, baseball and art

Sort of a report from the last week or so.

There has been a lot of work going on. Carl’s last day with Sagan is Wednesday and then she is off to kindergarten. But it looks like time with Audrey and Dean is heating up.

Carl’s last regular season old guy game was yesterday. They won and are in second place for the season. I think this means a bye in the first round of playoffs. One sad note is their 80+ year old pitcher is moving to Arizona on Tuesday. Next year won’t be the same.

The wasps are on the decline. After three attempts at eradication, including removing the visible nest, we called in the pros.  They sprayed, fogged and puffed around the outside. Interesting reaction was an increase in mobile wasps into the house. 10-20 a day. But easily killed. Yesterday it was only a few, so we are hopeful they are gone.

Saturday I spent a few hours in the morning cleaning the big hunk of plastic play house that had graced our back yard for several years. It was donated by a friend who’s daughter had long outgrown its allure. (She is younger than our kids, so it was intended for Carl’s kids). ((The first wasp nest eradication I ever undertook was from this small house a few years ago.)) The playhouse was home to several spiders and green scum on the north side, and general dirt. It is now much clearer, and most parents would allow their kids inside. Once inside the kids would find a table they can stand up, two windows with shutters that open, and a telephone. A dial, wall- mounted princess style phone. A testament to this house’s age. It is now destined for the granddaughter of a neighbor.

Saturday afternoon we headed downtown for the Graphic Masters exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. The entire Crumb book of Genesis was on display, Picasso and Goya. I found the Goya the most interesting, with so much symbolism contained in each piece. We did not see the earlier pieces as Carl started feeling poorly and we headed home.

On to the last week before school starts in earnest, and the traffic patterns of summer disappear.


One Response to “Bugs, baseball and art”

  1. margiegf Says:

    Ack on the wasps! I may have a problem with them too but as long as they stay outside…School is starting up tomorrow with teacher days and I’M NOT READY! 5 will come around too early.

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