New York, New York!

Early Tuesday morning. A little something is in my latte’s foam.


And here we are – Wednesday evening.


This is the view from Ashlan’s rooftop deck. She is out at some sort of a function for Allen’s work right now, and we are enjoying the cool breeze. We arrived less than 24 hours ago, after an early morning pick-up and departure, and a five hour layover in Milwaukee. The layover was supposed to be about three hours, but the incoming plane was delayed, and then there was a need to find a landing time slot at LaGuardia.


Basically the same view last night, with Ashlan and Allen.

We walked a lot today – north up to Central  Park, and back again.
And into Rockefeller Plaza – 4th floor please.


Got to see how security can really be implemented.
Walked right in the building and were directed to the check-in desk.
Gave our IDs, had our pictures taken, they called the office we were going to visit, and then issued us a ticket with our names to get into the elevator. There was a gentleman/guard who took our tickets and swiped them himself before allowing us to the elevator.

Once inside the office we were visiting they escorted us to a small room where we would visit with a customer service representative. We came in from one side of the room, and she entered from the other – locked door. The table between us ran from one edge of the room to another. There would be no easy way to get into the inner sanctum.

Our task was relatively benign – to try and get a pocket watch working again.


It looks fine to us, but does not run. This is really Rey’s watch, but we are shepherding it through this phase. While we are on a vacation in NYC, the watch will be winging its way to Switzerland soon. That is where it will be diagnosed and we will be told what they feel is necessary to restore the watch to a working state.

This watch was Rey’s great-grandfather’s, Doris’ father. Virgil Wippern.


Central Park views – a lovely day



Now a look at the brief past that was missed by not posting for a few weeks:

  • Jay worked lots of hours (so she could take a vacation)
  • Carl spent time with two small girls and a smaller boy, in various combinations of the three.
  • There were some Mariner games, even some with exciting endings.
  • We saw A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder at the 5th Avenue Theater
  • We also saw Gilbert & Sullivans’ Yoeman of the Guard at the Bagley Wright Theater.
  • There was a 5K walk around and throughout Safeco Field
  • Some missed baseball games for Carl (due to a high ankle sprain)
  • And I am sure there was a Sounder’s game or two

One Response to “New York, New York!”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Great Pics!
    FYI – There is a soccer game sometime this month in the U of M football stadium

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