Happy Belated Birthday

Carl, the Fez, had a birthday last week. We did celebrate, sort of for the whole weekend. Not like a continuous party,but bits and pieces here and there. And it was all helped along by his good friends.

The festivities commenced on Friday when Chris and Dan arrived from California and Oregon. Hanging out and a Mariners game. Too short a visit, so we helped them carbo-load at breakfast the next morning. (They were in training for a 10k in track town. (But not the Olympic Trials)) 

In amongst Chris and Dan’s arrival, Dennis ventured in from Portland. He and Carl continued the Mariner weekend with a game on Saturday.

And Sunday. Sunday started with an early game. And I must pause to thank the Mariners for winning all of the weekend games. It just helped the fun factor.

The real fun on Sunday was reserved for the evening when we all headed for the Shannon’s and Dennis’s annual baseball film show. (With real film and projectors) This year included several early version’s of, “You make the call,” and several other offerings, ending with Kate Smith singing God Bless America. A good crowd this year and a great show.

We did take our time getting up on the fourth. You can only squeeze so much into one long weekend. 

Yes, that is a walking boot. Technically from June, but what would a July be without some sort of injury diagnosis. (A high ankle sprain.)

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