New York

In which we manage the subway all by ourselves and see a Yankee game (vs Orioles).

I think this is the 4th time we have visited NYC and I can finally read the subway maps and sort of find our way around. Ashlan now lives in Hell’s Kitchen and it is close enough to walk to many places.

We did not try to walk to Yankee Stadium.

We got to the stadium fairly early and were able to go look at the area where the Old Yankee Stadium was located – across the street.


The old stadium outline is shown on the picture.


Carl & Kevin having a catch, with the bat that was outside Old Yankee Stadium, in its original location. Lots of history. Virtue (Gehrig) and Vice (Ruth), or visa versa Mr. Naughty and Mr. Nice. We went to Monument Park in the outfield, and wandered the entire concourse before ascending to the fourth level.

Here is the view from our seats.
Our seats were in the front row, but we moved to the second row because they got the shade earlier. It was HOT for us north-westerners. In the 90s, but we will be leaving this fair city and hopefully avoiding the swelter.


We stopped by the Yotel on the way to the game to see where Mark & Dottie were staying. An interesting place. Very small private spaces, you push a button and the bed slides down from “couch” to bed position.


There are open areas for mingling.


And a robotically accessed storage place for your valuables.


We are heading out for a late dinner tonight – Mexican I believe.


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