It’s a Small World

We are at the Copa America Centenario game for Argentina vs Bolivia. Carl noted the large number of ethnicities and languages being spoken, just by folks walking by our seats.



No English or Russian hooligans so far.

The crowd is very heavily weighted towards Argentina. And more specifically Messi. The jerseys are either Messi or blank.

Game time temperatures are either 70 in the sun or 50 with wind. As the sun sets it will be chilly (not Chile). And of course, Carl is wearing shorts. I have a shirt, fleece vest, sweater and two-layer jacket.


And of course there are the shoes. Lime green, green and orange (1 each), aquamarine and a pair that look for all the world like candy-corn. Carl thinks a chameleon shoe that changes colors throughout the game would be a big seller.

13 minutes in Argentina scores.
14 minutes in Argentina scores again.
The apparent rout is on.
33 minutes goal #3
And the crowd is chanting for Messi to join the game. (Sub in)

Which he did in the second half.
What footwork. A treat to watch one of the best players in the world.

One Response to “It’s a Small World”

  1. jane Says:

    Chelsea vs. Real Madrid on July 30, at Michigan Stadium. just sayin’.

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