Like, you know dude

Went to two ballgames this weekend. (Actually 3 since Carl and the Silver Foxes had a game Saturday morning.) And the teams I was rooting for lost all three.

Not the end of the world. Not even close.

Yesterday’s game reminded me that sometimes those sitting around you can make or break how fun your experience is. We go to many, many games, so having one or two games “ruined” a year is not a big deal. But there are those that maybe only go to one game a year, or a decade, and having their experience made less is a big deal. There were four young adults next to us yesterday that were basically obnoxious. I could ignore a lot of what they were doing, but they blocked the view of the younger patrons behind them over and over again. The day was saved by a free bacon-wrapped hot dog. It really was good. Or maybe I was really hungry.

Today’s fans were much better. Although we did have a LIKE show going on behind us. They were continually discussing an upcoming wedding. Which apparently directly involved two of the party. Carl is a counter, and he started counting the “likes” uttered during the conversation. It soon became too much, and he gave up the challenge. Hopefully they are like-minded.

We did not do a full walk to the park today – not enough time in the day.
We did a partial walk through the UW campus to the light rail station.

It is graduation week at the UW, so we were treated to sights of many happy folks.

And a duck crossing (that is set up every year).

The final chore of the day was hauling in the berry bonanza. No pictures today, but it was more than the quart bowl I took would hold.

And while I picked Carl made a new pork recipe he dubbed 5C. Cumin, cinnamon, cloves, coriander and curry.

The coming week should be fun. We have two Copa Americana games this week. Argentina vs. Bolivia, and then USA vs. Ecuador.

Oh and work, to pay for all that fun.

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