Unlimited Food and Drink

Before I forget, Happy Fathers Day to any father that happens to read this. As I typed that I thought I was really late, but now I think it was probably yesterday. (Can you call it typing when you are touching letters on a phone? Maybe it is even touch typing.) I have really lost track of time.

Busy last week with two Copa America soccer games. Tuesday’s game was reported on in a previous post. Thursday we saw USA vs Ecuador. It was an exciting game. Perhaps a little too exciting. The US hung on to win 2-1, but it was tense until the end.


Not your traditional soccer game picture, but this truck was parked outside the venue for both games this week.

Friday work was that frenetic and sort of frantic effort that happens when you are going to be gone for almost a week. I did leave around 6 pm, so not too bad.

Of course we then had to pack for an early morning departure. A work mate picked up Carl and me at 5 am, for a 7 am flight. There has been a lot of news about airport wait lines through TSA. Both Carl and I were pre-checked through (luck of the draw) and sailed through. They have a check area now that was only for pre-check folks. It seemed to run much more smoothly being completely separate from the rest of the rif-raf.

The reason for the early flight on a Saturday was a Water Conference in Chicago. Carl tagged along, and he has been having a good time I think.

After the flight to the windy city we taxied to the hotel. Dropped our luggage in the room, and got back into a cab to Union Station. Caught the Metra train to Schaumburg where one of Carl’s childhood friends resides. Only an hour ride. And another friend from Oswego drove in as well. There was food and drink and reminiscing and catching up on the last 20 plus years.


Carl, Rob and John.

Sunday I went to a daylong presentation, Carl walked around the neighborhood. We are close enough to lake Michigan to easily walk, and then go north to museums and other sights.

In the evening we took the L Red line to Addison, the stop for Wrigley Field and the Cubs. Instead of going into the park, however, we went to Wrigley View, one of the rooftop viewing areas. And they had food and drink.


And not a bad view of the game.


The Red Line ride home was noteworthy. Sardines come to mind. I was not able to hold on to anything which made the turns and speed changes really interesting. After a few minutes Carl noticed he was standing next to Ronnie Woo-Woo. Ronnie was around when Carl was a kid. He would choose a player and then call out the players name – woo-woo during an entire at bat. I am not doing justice to the character that he was and apparently still is at 74 years of age.


And the score 10-5 over the Pirates.

Today, apparently Monday, I was at the conference all day and Carl walked again, this time to the Chicago Art Institute. After the day’s activities we headed over to the Field Museum for a party with unlimited food and drink, live music, and a lot of attendees (and exhibits on the first floor). Sponsored by some vendors.



(This is Sue)

I think I am starting to understand why people want to attend these conferences.

Tomorrow I am back in the conference and Carl is hitting the town again. On his agenda is a meet up with Ashlan. She is flying in from New York for the day to meet with some mucky mucks for an interview for a promotion. She’s flying out tomorrow too, but they will try to have a cup of coffee at Potbelly’s Store No. 1.  And then he’s off to another Cubs game. This time with his friend John, inside the stadium.

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  1. margiegf Says:

    Teacher conferences are very dull and usually local, so this looks wonderful!

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