Wind was the word

It rained this weekend, but that is par for the course. The added attraction was the wind.

Saturday we walked to a birthday party. It was slightly wet. We did the Seattle thing. Wrapped the wrapped present in a plastic bag inside a carrying bag and set out. We took an umbrella, but the wet never progressed beyond a heavy drizzle, so the umbrella stayed closed.


We recently rediscovered this set of bridges across some ravines. They keep you off of the highly vertical gravel path (unless that’s what you are after) and away from the busy roads.


The highlight was the party. Our job turned out to be holding the 6-month old brother of the four year old honoree. It was a Frozen party, but not over-emphasized.



The second cake was made by a friend.

The wind on Sunday kept us in the house, away from trees. There were two trips out to the backyard to reset the tarps. MORE BRICKS.

We spent some time watching the NCAA selection show for March Madness. Not that we follow college basketball all that closely, but it is a family thing to draw teams and see who comes out the champion. Ashlan has the inside track with three of the four number one seeds.

Tried to get to bed a little early. Too bad our alarm is on my cellphone. Otherwise I might have been able to squeeze in a few more hours of sleep because we did lose power last night. Blinking clocks. But it could not have been for too long as Carl’s cpap machine was still on when we woke up.

Onward. How many non-reset clocks will confuse me today.

One Response to “Wind was the word”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t mind the rain(although this is TOO much, even for me) but I’m not a fan of the wind. I wouldn’t have minded a bit of a power outage, but instead, part of my fence blew down which will be a pain to get fixed. Love the cakes!

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