Still in Bed

This is the day after the time change that I have chosen to lounge. It is a week after the change, but who’s counting.

The change did provide some good evening walk opportunities, so I really should not complain. And we found a new set of steps to climb.

One evenings travels provided this view of Mt. Rainier.


It’s towards the right, disguised as a cloud. ( This was taken from the second highest spot in Seattle.)

The next evening was a wander.


Communing with nature.



Wondering at the sheer number of cedars in a very small space directly above a wall.


Spring showers.


A different sort of selfie. I bet we won’t be able to repeat this picture within five years. Any building less than three stories is destined to be torn down and replaced with mixed use at five to eight stories. This particular example is only one block from the light rail station under construction, and currently being used as the construction office for apartments being built just west of this sight.


Construction of the bikeway on Roosevelt has begun. Parking on the west side of Roosevelt is on its way out. (I have been told the City decided not to move some of the displaced parking in front of our house, but have not received anything in writing.)


Enough for now. Time to change my morning view.

Today’s excitement will include christening the new light rail station at Husky stadium, on the way to and from a Sounder’s game. The neighborhood bus routes all change next weekend.

Real Change.
A local newspaper that is put out by and for the local down on their luck folks.
Also part of the Bernie campaign slogan.

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