Presidential Assassinations, a Musical


I had no real idea what to expect, but we both enjoyed this Sondheim effort. And I learned some history in the process.

We also learned that the combination of heavy rain and a Justin Beiber concert make for extremely heavy traffic. Luckily, we tend to leave enough time to wander a bit before a show, so we arrived in plenty of time.

Carl arrived back from Phoenix with five baseballs and a suitcase full of stories. He manages to meet all sorts of folks on these junkets; fans, players and lots of coaches. His own season is still a few months away, but less than a month to opening day.

Baseball season that is. Between then and now there are more openings that will impact our daily activities.

1. Starting work on a dedicated bike lane on the busy street at the end of our block. This will block a lane during construction and permanently remove hall of the existing parking. And move our bus stop one block.

2.  The new university light rail station is opening in a bit more than a week. We have a free ticket to ride on opening day, and a soccer game downtown. Only decision should be whether to walk the mile to the station or figure a bus route.

3. The week after the light rail station opens most of the buses we use to get downtown change to go to the new station. We are going to have to reeducate ourselves.

4. April 2nd is a day we can walk across the new 520 bridge span. Before it opens to traffic. Hope for no rain.

One Response to “Presidential Assassinations, a Musical”

  1. jane Says:

    I got my spring training postcard from Carl yesterday! thanks!!!

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