It has been several days. I had intended to blog. I intended to keep leaving on time ish. I obviously have not blogged. I am at 89 hours for two weeks with one day to go. So a mixed bag.

Things I found amusing over the past week plus.

I was on a phone call, really on hold most of the time. Working on things waiting for a person to help change my credit card number on an account that automatically paid three days after the card had been frozen and one day before the new card arrived. After ten minutes on the phone I tried to hang my cell phone up on the desk phone set.

It was a very early morning yesterday due to dropping two buddies at the airport for a five am flight to Spring Training. So I got to work very early too. Not the earliest person though. That’s our maintenance man’s time. I went to the kitchen for coffee and there was one pot made and two more in line. I helped myself to a cup and poured the second pot through. About 15 minutes later, Rex is at my door complaining that he just spent several minutes in the kitchen trying to remember when he had poured the second pot.

We have seen two shows in the interim. Both quite good. First up was the Women’s Chorus. A fun show. Special guests were Dos Fallopia. They are local but tour nationally. If you get a chance to see their slightly irreverent show I would recommend making the effort.

The second show was a Side by Side concert with the Garfield High School orchestras and the Seattle Symphony. We saw these when Rey was at Garfield. Usually in the high school gym. This year it was in Benaroya Hall! The occasion was to celebrate Marcus Tsutakawa’s 30th year at Garfield. His first year he had 19 students. Now there are 280 between the two orchestras, and they are quite good.



Spring has sprung, and in moments of not rain I try to walk at lunch. A few pictures from the last two days.



All for now. Coffee beckons.

2 Responses to “Lapse”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That concert sounds incredible. I love the composers I see on the program, even Wagner, the Nazi lover.

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