Making it a Habit

It is 5:24 and I am going home.
I have not stayed really late at all this week.
Okay, I think it is about four days later than when I started the post.  And, I actually had 1 hour under the expected 80 for two weeks. Of course I did take two afternoons off to find people to help with our backyard.

The first result has been to add more smothering cardboard around the edges to try to limit weed seeds from polluting the neighborhood. As the landscape planner said, “A blank slate!” And identified our blue spruce as an ohmy spruce. ( I do know that name is incorrect, but it does start with the oh my sound. She said they teach the name that way because the end of the branches turn up as if reaching for the sky and exclaiming, “oh my!”

We also spent an evening with some members of the Rocket, Carl’s old softball team. Conversations included catching up with each other’s kids and retirements. The kids can be traced from their birth in team pictures.

Tonight is the first soccer game of the year. It is a Concacaf tournament game rather than an MLS league game. Against a team from Mexico. And I had to scrape the windshield this morning. Could be cold, but I don’t think rain is in the forecast. That and the new decree that they do not provide printed tickets. Instead you load the ticket on your phone and use their app at the gate. What could possibly go wrong?

I am expecting long lines. And pray you don’t have a dead battery. There is an option to print out a large piece of paper at home as an alternative. And if I got mad at my ticket partner I could use her ticket as well.(They all show up.)

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