Shades of Grey

Seattle in Winter

As I took the picture the rain increased.


February showers bring crocuses and flooding. And pitchers and catchers.

Fitting that the shadows above are from bats that gave their all in seasons past.

I returned from work on time today and it was still light, a little less than more, when I pulled into the driveway. Carl acquiesced to a walk. He wanted to run some short stretches. About 90 feet at a time. With that goal in mind we headed for the local high school, which has a track. It does not have lights however. When we arrived there were a few others on the field. The soccer players soon departed with the last light. They were replaced in even greater numbers by runners. Runners that ran more than 90 feet at a time.

With the tower crane for the light rail station twisting to and fro we departed. Almost stopped at Pies and Pints for dinner, but decided to head home as we had food in the refrigerator for at least three dinners.

Carl is in the kitchen cooking, and I will end this blog so I can watch the Real Madrid vs Roma game from earlier today.

Which brings up another point. The Sounders, the local team, is not only not providing paper tickets this year, they are not providing the cards that were used for the last few years. This year you have to use their app on your phone. The only alternative is to print out an entire sheet of paper for each ticket. God forbid your battery dies.

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