Brain on Vacation

Yesterday afternoon I tried to call Carl on the calculator. Usually I try to calculate on the phone. And yes, I do have a calculator app.

This morning I walked out and closed the door. I had my coffee, but no keys. Monday I had the keys but no coffee. Since there was nothing to stop me leaving on Monday, Carl got to enjoy the coffee. This morning was not as easy as the car requires the key to start. (Not required to drive however. Story from another day.) Carl had gone back to bed and his phone was in the dining room. Wasn’t sure whether he would hear the doorbell, and the upstairs landline phone died about a year ago.

Luckily we have a spare key in a realtor type box on the back deck. Very handy with out of town guests. And when you lock yourself out. Of course you need to correctly remember the code to access the key. After four tries I realized which number was wrong and was able to get to the key that allowed me to get to my keys.

I have used the wrong code several times. I think I should change the code to match my memory.

One Response to “Brain on Vacation”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Maybe you need to clip your keys to your coffee cup handle?

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