Perils of Telecommuting


Our public outreach person telecommutes every other Friday. It provides an opportunity for uninterrupted focus. But it is also fraught with potential downsides when you are not there in person to accept deliveries.

I did not telecommute on Wednesday afternoon, but I did skip out on work. The first part of my time off included meeting with a landscape professional. He had some good ideas to expand our starting sketch, but thought having a real plan would be helpful. He provided a recommendation for a designer as he did not have the time to both design and implement. One step forward though, and some ideas on things to do to prepare for future work. And it is right in my area of expertise. Smothering more weeds and digging out dying plants and a bit of pruning.

The second benefit of being home early was going to a behind the scenes event at the Burke Museum. Literally into the storage areas.




There were several docents and researchers around to share their knowledge of the collections from spiders and butterflies to an Egyptian mummy (in a wedding dress bag) to poop dissection to dinosaurs and textiles.
One item caught our eye in particular. A bit of a totem. A killer whale in storage.


The docent noted that he thought the fin had been taller originally.


Later in our wandering we came across this picture of the whale in situ.


Just a bit taller.
Another person in the area said the original had been outside of the Museum for a while and a replica was now in its place.



I think this height is still a bit shy of the original.

It was a wonderful way to spend a few hours.

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