I was treated to a homemade pasty for lunch today. My boss spent some years in northern Wisconsin and picked up the recipe along the way. About once a year he makes a batch. I think this year’s timing is associated with one of his son’s birthday. As the resident honorary Yooper I usually get to sample his wares.

Yesterday Carl served me a can of Vernors with dinner. I thought Vernors would be a perfect pairing with the pasty. But when I tried to locate 2 cans of the assumed 6-pack I had no luck. (Carl was back asleep by that time) I think perhaps he bought a single can.

In other news I, about 10 am I realized I had my shirt on backwards. I don’t think anyone noticed, and I only realized when I felt the tags in front.

Today’s nice morning has devolved into a deluge, with wind. At least we are almost home.

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  1. kayak woman Says:

    Did the pasty contain rutabaga? 😉

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