How to Succeed

Here we are. Waiting for the show to start. Carl is looking through the program, but I am going in without a clue.

We fought through the rain soaked traffic and got downtown in time to have dinner first.  The restaurant we usually visit for our Wednesday night shows is the Rockbottom, directly across from the theater.


The 5th is on 5th Avenue ( imagine that) in the middle of downtown. Pretty easy for us to get to, if only there were not so many others on the roads as well.

Maybe a review later.

3 Responses to “How to Succeed”

  1. raincharm Says:

    The reviews are in.
    The show was GREAT!
    Best one we have seen in a while. 50+ years old and it still works. The Coffee Break number had me in stitches.

  2. jane Says:

    I’ve been to Rockbottom in Seattle (when out there for work – eons ago! 1996ish?). is there more than one?

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