Mid week report

Today is supposed to be a rainy day. Not yet. We have been alternating every day or two between partly sunny and mostly rainy. We took advantage of the dry Sunday morning to go for a walk. A bit more than five miles, but it tuckered us out much more than was expected. I blame that on the fan fest walk the prior day which is more of a mall trudge


(We just came to a sudden halt and Mt Rainier is almost in focus. I am guessing there is a disabled vehicle ahead.)

The first two work days this week have been busy, trying to catch up with last week’s questions and get the property sales moving forward. I hope to work on other projects today. And to leave on time.

Going out to a play tonight. How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Over the weekend we watched two fairly recent movies as well. Inside Out and the Intern. We enjoyed them both. DeNiro can really convey quite a bit without words.


Pretty sky this morning, and we are moving again.

Carl went out hitting last night. I think that part was good, but his ability to pitch is still lacking. PT appointment tomorrow. This is my interpretation of our brief conversation this morning when neither was fully awake.

Yesterday Carl and Sagan went on an adventure. They took the bus downtown and caught the ferry to Bainbridge Island. A short walk took them to the Kids Museum on the island. It may have been aimed at a slightly younger set, but I think they had a good time exploring new places.

He and Audrey should have a shorter day today. (Me too)

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