Taking the Babe for a Walk

After ditching me at least three times Rey found time to Skype for taxes. That is I buy TurboTax and he doesn’t need to. Filling out his information is usually short and sweet, although he did have three W2s this year. (He will be getting a refund.)

Working through Rey’s information gave me the impetus to continue with ours as well. I think I am missing two forms and we need to finish adding to some retirement accounts still.

It was afternoon and no rain in sight so we set out to retrieve a wayward bear that had stayed behind at the Museum of History and Industry when Carl and Audrey left a few days ago.

Carl’s alter ego for the walk was the Babe, as in Ruth, who would have been 121 years old today. ( He has been in the Gate of Heaven cemetery in Hawthorne, New York for longer than I have been alive. He even wore a Yankee hat.

The walk was pleasant, partly because our destination was not tied to any particular time, so we could wander at will. In the end it was probably about 9 miles.
Some sights from the wander.

Starting in our front yard, daffodils are on their way already.



Street end mosaic with house boats


It turns out this is the boat show weekend


I don’t think this particular yacht was for sale.


We saw a boat that had one letter in its name obscured. _oot.


Maybe Coot, but certainly not Bufflehead.


A true old coot owns this place. Notice the ladder on the hillside. It looks too dangerous to use, but I’ll bet it is not just there as a storage location.


Two clowns, and another block of Fremont in transition.


Our great blue heron sighting for the day.


Brooks greeter.


Lots and lots of murals.


Street art with muscles mussels.

Settling in for a beer and maybe even a foot rub.

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