Winter from Abroad

It is raining in Seattle. That is as it should be, and while we may complain, we really are accepting. Last winter was dry. This winter is wet.

Both of the kids, on the other hand, are having snowy winters. Knoxville has had some snow. A few inches here and there. Not anything to write home about.

Ashlan is in the midst of the NYC snow. The early afternoon report was, “At least 3 feet and still coming hard. Can’t open the door (to the deck) and can’t get a good picture through the screen on the windows.” And then after the requested pictures were sent, “You can see the top corner of a chair.”

I found a normal view – where you can see what is beyond the deck.


And now for a little ditty. This is from a moment in my 112 hour pay period.

My new work mantra for 2016, Focus, Focus, Focus
But competing priorities are creating a fracas
This makes me feel feckless
Hey, I think my office could use a ficus.
What was I working on?     Oh, f*** it.

Enough fun for now. Puttering through some chores before we head out to meet some friends for dinner.

One Response to “Winter from Abroad”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Have you printed out your little ditty in a large font and taped it to your door? If you did, you might a least get a ficus! 😉

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