A Nice Day for a Walk

It was sunny! No way could we stay inside.

We figure the walk was about 7 miles, give or take. With long drawn out hills in both directions. (Both up and down in both directions.) We managed to pay a bill and buy some socks, and lunch. We had a pie. A pizza pie that is.

Our second pie in 24 hours. Although the first was a British style meat pie. We met friends at Pies and Pints, a local eatery. We have walked past several times, but never entered until yesterday. We will be back.

The group gathering included 3 former soccer teammates. Their first team together was the University of Illinois men’s team circa 1977. Their later team was in Seattle, where they each came to the team independent of each other. What a coincidence.

And all these years later, back together for an evening of food, wine, pints and memories.

It’s only January, and much of the country is spending the day digging out.   But it looked rather like spring today.



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