I saw an article over the weekend that predicted Rey would be a popular choice for baby names in the next few years. This is due to the Star Wars heroine. (If they won’t make Rey action figure toys, we will make live action models.) I don’t think Rey is too worried about sharing his name.

Yesterday was MLK day, and most government offices were closed. Not ours. A rather skeleton crew, but in operation. And all managers, including me, had a most of the day retreat (meeting). It was supposed to be offsite, but at the last minute our proposed venue was unavailable due to the flu. Okay for me because we had a Board meeting after the retreat. Not normal, but one of our board members has a problem with Tuesdays, and we rarely have the public in attendance.

On the positive side, there was hardly any traffic. Similar to the pre-Microsoft buildup 25 years ago, when the reverse commute was a real thing. (It still is, just not as much.) I made it to work in 30 minutes! That is, I made it to the vicinity of the office, and then had to wait more than 2 minutes for the green turn arrow. The clock said 7:32 when I arrived, and 7:35 when the light changed. With not much other traffic around. In the old days there was no signal at our office, although it is needed most days and much safer. Before they widened the road from 2 lanes to 5 lanes we could wait 5 minutes for an opening in traffic. Patience was our safety word. I think there have been at least 8 traffic lights added to my route since I started.

On the home front we are moving on the backyard recovery plan once again. The big move has been contacting the landscaper that helped with the path along the side of the house during the remodel. Now we need to figure out what we want. We have a few ideas, but not what I would call a vision.

One Response to “Expansion”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I liked those days when just going at a non-rush hour time (or opposite direction) really made a difference. I went up to Seattle a lot more! 🙂

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