Carl often attributes his love of numbers to his mother. She was a math teacher and number tricks were part of her education of the boys.

I am not sure how spatial awareness fits in with strict numbers, but Carl has a knack for space as well. One of the traits he frequently notes about his kids is how well they know the space their body and movements take up with respect to others.

Today is the day our new couch arrives. So we needed to make room. The morning started with a box breakdown exercise in the garage. I may have done more exercise breaking down the box than I have with the recumbent bike that came in the box.

With space in the garage free it was time to move the trundle beds out of their room, to the garage. (Craigslist beckons.) Four trips up and down the driveway – and no rain. Now we have another guest room.

Next up was moving the futon from the living room to the indoor heated guest room/study. The futon has a moving part for changing from couch to bed. And big rounded arms. And it had to negotiate three turns in quick succession. There were several pauses to reconfigure the futon frame, and a brief suggestion to take it apart and rebuild it in the room. That’s when Carl took a moment to size up the situation and found the key position to make it through three doorways at once.



No doors were removed, ceiling fixtures damaged or walls marred. And Rey should have a place to sleep when he arrives.

I am assuming the couch activity will be a piece of cake. Especially since I won’t be doing the lifting.

Next up. Decorating the tree.

3 Responses to “Geometry”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Great problem solving and spatial figuring! Your place looks wonderful!!

  2. jane Says:

    sooo – 2 things. 1) your box may/may not arrive by Friday morning. I got everything done and actually neglected to get to FedEx. I seriously don’t know how I forgot that last step. apologies.2) that soft gray wall – do you know what color/manufacturer that is? I’m looking for something in the range of ‘dove gray’ for one of my walls and that looks nice.

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